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After you have gone through planning, doing, and studying, you get to the "Act" stage of PDSA.  This stage requires you to use the analysis you did in the "Study" stage, and make one of the three choices:

  • Integrate what you have done into your organization and implement it on a larger scale.  This is done when your first attempt was completely successful, and you don't want to change anything.

  • Take corrective and preventive action.  This is done when your first attempt was somewhat successful, but you learned from it and need to adjust the process.

  • Abandon the idea.  This is done when your attempt was completely unsuccessful, and you don't want to integrate any of it into your business operations.

There are different types of "acting" in organizations.  When implemented as part of the PDSA cycle, "acting" is really "pro-acting" instead of "re-acting."  PDSA requires that we look ahead and anticipate what might happen, and prepare for it.  People who take shortcuts with the PDSA cycle often end up in a "Do - Act" process, skipping the planning and the studying.  This could really be renamed a "Do - React" process, whereby many resources are wasted.



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