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After planning, it is time to move to the execution stage of the Plan, Do Study, Act cycle.  It is time to do whatever your "it" is. 

When you are focusing on the "do" stage, remember to do the following:

Focus, Coordinate, and Control Your Performance
and Document your Results!
(Preferably on a Small Scale)

Focus your performance.  The great management guru Dr. W. Edwards Deming wrote that constancy of purpose is one of the key ingredients of success.  Know where you want to go, and stay focused on performing activities that serve to further those goals.

Coordinate your performance.  You do not work in a vacuum.  And you are not serving your organization by personally succeeding at the expense of others or at the expense of the goals of the organization.  All work must be coordinated to produce maximum benefit for the organization.

Control your performance.   Work within defined and accepted parameters to make sure you are in compliance with health, safety, and other regulations.

Document your results.  Remember - if it isn't documented, it isn't done!  Without proper documentation, you won't be able to carry out the next stage - Study!

Preferably on a small scale.  This is still an early stage in getting "It" done.  Don't commit more resources than necessary until you have completed the PDSA process at least once.  You still need to decide whether or not your methods were successful in this stage before you ramp up.



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