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Learn about Story Telling so that you can shape and share your own story!

The Mastery Institute has compiled resources to help you along the GMP Mastery journey using the tools of story telling.  Story telling resources.

New resources to help you brand yourself!

Branding yourself is becoming more and more important - whether you work inside a large corporation, or you are self-employed.  Check out our great resources to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward with your personal branding efforts!

Mastery Institute Group Connects With Users on Social Media

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Delicious - where we bookmark what we are reading on the web

Library Thing - where we have assembled a collection of our favorite books.

Mastery Institute Teams Up With CoVideo Systems To Help Clients Build Better Relationships and Communicate More Effectively

 The Matery Institute has teamed up with CoVideo Systems to bring state of the art communication tools to leverage the power of GMP Mastery

The second principle of Mastery challenges us to "clearly define and credibly communicate our performance expectations and measures."  CoVideo Systems provides effective communication tools including video email, video conferencing, and instant video messaging to help Make "It" Happen Mastery become reality in the everyday world.  When used effectively, these tools can help everyone do the right things, right, whether they are communicating with someone down the hall, or across the globe.  For more information on CoVideo products, visit .  If you need to purchase a webcam or earbuds, visit our resource section at .

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