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Branding yourself is key to success.  But what does it mean to brand yourself?  Traditionally people think of creating logos and graphics to brand themselves or an organization.  But that misses the point.

Branding yourself is all about the relationship you build with your customers.  What is is that makes people say "WOW!" about you?  How do you distinguish yourself from others providing the same product or service?  How do you want your customers to remember you?  This is at the core of branding.  When your customer says "I would never go anywhere else," you have succeeded in your branding efforts.  You have created a brand that the customer values, remembers, and commits to. 

In creating a brand, one of the most important aspects is to be genuine and authentic.  Your customers will see right through you if you fake it.  And it is often the little things that matter the most - remembering tidbits of information that customers mention, and using it to delight them.


Online Tools

CoVideo Systems is the perfect branding tool for yourself and your business. CoVideo allows you to send video emails surrounded by your own personal branding, information, and links to your website.  Additionally, CoVideo is a cost effective way to conduct online meetings, presentations, and conferences.






The Inspirational Power of Purpose (29:41)
P&G Global Marketing & Brand-Building Officer Marc Pritchard explains how the Company is using purpose-driven brand building and creative innovation to thrive even in uncertain economic conditions. Pritchard introduces and discusses several commercials for P&G brands, illustrating the Company's core marketing strategy: that by improving people's lives, P&G can do well by doing good.







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