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Ten Commitments of Mastery

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This page provides resources to help you succeed on your path to Mastery.  Think of it as your personal library.  If you know of other resources which could be added, please email .

CoVideo Systems

CoVideo Systems provides a comprehensive video communication system which will help you lead better, communicate better, and serve better everyday.  CoVideo allows you to send branded video emails (and track their viewing), and conduct meetings and presentations online.  CoVideo is a must have!

Operational Definitions

These operational definitions provide context to the language used on this site.  Check here if you don't know what something means, or to gain a fuller understanding of specific terms.

Our Favorite Mentors


Resources For The Ten Commitments of Mastery

  1. Being Curious and Creative

    Leveraging Change
    Thinking Creatively

  2. Being Considerate and Collaborative
    Managing Projects and Processes
    Cooperating and Negotiating
  3. Being Courageous and Contagious
    Proactively Leading Change
    Positively Influencing People
  4. Being Careful and Compliant
    Dealing With Difficult People and Practices
     Balancing Work and Life
  5. Being Constructive and Cost-Effective
    Making Constructive Decisions
    Managing Time and Managing Costs
  6. Credibly Connecting With and Consistently Delighting Our Customers
    Marketing Effectively
    Delighting our Customers (the First Time and Every Time)
  7. Clearly Defining and Culturally Communicating Expectations
    Thinking Strategically
    Communicating Effectively
  8. Conscientiously Cultivating and Consciously Developing Our Competence and Commitment
    Training and Developing People
    Coaching and Rewarding People
  9. Confidently Coordinating and Critically Controlling  Performance
    Doing It The Right Things Right, Right Now
    Successfully Building Teams
  10. Continuously Improving and Collectively Celebrating Performance
    Improving and Optimizing Performance
    Motivating and Celebrating

Other Important Mastery Topics

Management Practice Auditing
Mind Mapping
Branding Yourself
Adult Learning

Resources For Communities of Practice



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