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Consistently Delighting Customers

Completely delighting customers is a core component of Make "It" Happen Mastery™.  Use these resources as you work on developing loyal and mutually beneficial relationships by delighting your customers.

Associations and Other Support Groups

Customer Care Institute
The Customer Care Institute (CCI) is an international resource organization that assists Customer Care professionals with improving the delivery of corporate Customer Care. It focuses on issues found in the Customer Service, Consumer Relations, Teleservices and Help Desk professions.
CSM is the web's leading community for customer service professionals - bringing you news, reviews, articles and resources our aim is help improve customer service worldwide!

Institute of Customer Service  (UK)
he Institute of Customer Service is the professional body for customer service whose primary purpose is to lead customer service performance and professionalism.

SOCAP (The Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business)
The core purpose of SOCAP International is to advance customer care through education and networking.


Leadership Strategies for Satisfying Customers

Managing Customer Expectations To Improve Satisfaction

The Ca$e for Customer Management

11 Commandments For Customer Centered Change

The Seven Habits of Successful Customer-Focused Companies

Turning Customer Service Inside Out! - How Poor Internal Customer Service Negatively Impacts External Customers.

The Business Of Being Irresistible

How to Handle a Mad Customer: Three Tips to Deal with an Unhappy Customer


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