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Personal Mastery is where Mastery starts.  We like to say that Mastery™ starts with me, but it's all about "we".  Personal Mastery is all about becoming your best person and bringing out the best in others!  It will help you in all areas of your life - not just work. 

Personal Mastery begins with a self evaluation which starts with the following questions:

  • What are my values?

  • What am I trying to accomplish?

  • How self-directed am I?

  • How generous am I?

  • Do I have good habits which support my goals?

  • Would I keep doing the same things if there were no external pressure to do so?

Applying Personal Mastery

If you play sports, you may already understand how important Personal Mastery is.  To be really good at a sport, you have to go beyond the minimal requirements, and give it your all.  As an athlete, you might consider some of the following questions to determine how well you are practicing Personal Mastery:

  • Do I believe that I can get better?

  • How often do I practice?

  • Do I practice even when I am not required to do so?

  • Do I practice on my own in addition to team practices?

  • Do I put everything into it when I practice?

  • Do I try to think of new ways to get better?

  • Am I willing to try new things?

  • Am I willing to help others learn to be better?

  • Do I practice interdependence by putting the team's needs ahead of my own desires?

  • Do I encourage others?

  • Do I respect my coach and teammates?

Personal Mastery can be enacted in any environment. How many can you think of that apply to your environment?

Resources For Personal Mastery

Click above to visit our collection of resources that will help you along the journey to Personal Mastery.



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