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Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is an excellent technique to help you tap into your natural creativity by capturing ideas in a manner compatible with the way you think, and by fostering the creation of associations that otherwise might go unnoticed.  Mind mapping can be used in any number of applications both personally and professionally, and is a great way to support innovative thinking within an organization.

Notetaking and listmaking are the predominant forms of capturing ideas in our society.  These techniques are limited by the fact that they are linear, and they don't tap into the human capacity for imagination and association.  Imagination and association are key elements of creativity, which allows us to take information that other people have, and make connections that are not obvious to others. 

Mind mapping is a creative and effective method of "mapping out"  thoughts in a diagram that works with the brain's natural way of thinking.  It is a picture of ideas which uses lines, color, symbols, words, and images.  Seeing ideas on paper in this form invites the brain to think imaginatively and make associations between ideas that may not result from linear expression. 

To make a mind map, you start by writing your main idea or goal in the center of a large page.  You should use pictures and colors if at all possible.  In simple the mind map shown below, the mind mapping itself is the main idea.  Create main branches off the central idea, writing on word or phrase per branch.  In the diagram below, the main branches describe tips and techniques for mind mapping.    The branches going off the main branches then further describe the different methods and benefits tip listed in the main branches. 

A mind map is not necessarily intended for anyone else, and should not be judged on artistic ability.  Anyone, regardless of their natural artistic ability, can make a mind map which will help them see the subject in a broader, more holistic sense.  Letting go of inhibitions regarding artistic talent and really using the full range of tools and techniques available as part of mind mapping will increase its effectiveness.

In addition to fostering creativity and innovation, mind mapping also aids in memory, as it provides the mind with an interesting, graphic way of seeing, integrating, and remembering.  Use mind mapping to problem solve, plan, take notes, make lists, make presentations, make decisions, and much more.  For more information on mind mapping, see the resources in the left hand column of this page.


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