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Leading Change

The links below will help you learn more about leading change

General Leadership Links

Are We Making Progress As Leaders? 
This is an assessment tool for senior leaders from the Baldrige National Quality Program designed to help you assess how your organization is performing and learn what can be improved.

CEO Refresher  
The CEO Refresher is brain food for business! Leadership - strategy - leading change - performance - insight - words and wisdom - mindfulness - interestingness - learning - and learning faster!

Entrepreneur Exchange  
The Entrepreneur's Exchange is a non-profit organization designed to provide encouragement, support, education, information exchange and marketing exposure to small business owners or individuals with the entrepreneurial spirit.

Leadership:  An Overview   
This is an article on leadership by Edward Wertheim PhD, a professor at Northeastern University, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Online Leadership Links
This is a resource site compiled by David X. Swenson PhD, a professor at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota.

Good Governance and Risk Management

Corporate Governance

Social Responsibility

Business Ethics

Managing Ethics In The Workplace

Risk Management (1)

Risk Management (2)


Technical Capacity and Competitiveness

Facility Management (1)

Facility Management (2)

  Books On Leadership and Leading Change







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