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The journey to Make "It" Happen Mastery is characterized by an ongoing effort to shape and share your own story.  But what does that mean, and how do we do it?  This page provides resources for you to consult along the way to help you shape and share your story.

Everyone has a story that is unique and powerful.  It is through the ongoing evolutions of this story (the shaping) and the connections it helps us forge (the sharing) that it becomes a powerful tool.

Start With "Why"

When thinking about your story, it always helps to start with your "Why."  Why is it that you do what you do?  What is the force deep within yourself that makes what you do meaningful?  A story without a fully developed sense the the "Why" will lack emotional depth, and simply relay facts.  The "Why" is what captures people's interest, and keeps them reading or listening.  There is an old adage that says "People won't care how much you know until they know how much you care."


As you think about organizing your story to tell, remember that all good stories have a challenge, a struggle, and a resolution.

Ask yourself what challenges led you to where you are now in your life.  Was there a time when you lay awake at night, trying to figure out what to do?  What areas of your life and work required you to focus on mastery to get a handle on?


Telling about your struggle inspires people to engage with their own stories and struggles.  How did you deal with your challenges? What do you continue to struggle with?  How did you deal with your struggles in innovative and creative ways?  How did the journey of mastery help you with your struggles?


When you tell others how you have resolved challenges, you create a success story in which you are the hero of your own story.  How did you use mastery to make your life and work better?

Shaping Your Story

Everyone has an important story, and no one's story is finished.  We all still have things about our stories that we wish were different, and you have the opportunity make changes to the story you will tell in the future!  Make "It" Happen Mastery help you evaluate where your strengths lie, what challenges you face, how to get through the struggle and get to a good resolutions.

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