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Customized GMP Mastery™
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We Customize Our Expertise For You!

Customized GMP Mastery Coaching Workshops provide the most value for your training dollars.  By hiring a CGMP consultant to conduct a GMP Mastery Coaching Workshop, you help shape the topics covered in order to ensure that you receive training relevant to your organization, and to reduce your per person cost.  The Coaching Workshop consists of 4 one-hour Sessions.  Customized in-house workshops are designed to help you bring the 10 Commitments of Mastery to life in your organization by helping you integrate critical thinking and practice points into your specific strategic goals within your real world.

Week One - The Theory of Make "It" Happen Mastery

Powerpoint Presentation

Week Two - The Deming Philosophy and Theory of Profound Knowledge

Powerpoint Presentation

Week Three - Deming's Seven Deadly Management Diseases and the Five "Must Do" Commitments of Mastery.

Powerpoint Presentation

Week Four - Deming's Fourteen Obligations For Management Transformation and the Five "Must Be" Commitments of Mastery.

Powerpoint Presentation

For more information, or to book one of these workshops, contact Nancy at or  859-727-CGMP (2467).



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