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Performance Mastery is where it all comes together to Make "It" Happen. Performance Mastery integrates the personal development from Personal Mastery with the technical knowledge of your job from Professional Mastery, and helps you make whatever your "it" is happen in the real world.

Having good habits, knowing yourself, being motivated, and having technical knowledge are great things.  But they aren't necessarily enough to ensure success. Putting those things into action requires Performance Mastery.  Performance Mastery mentors you to grow into an interdependent, self-directed Master.

The GMP regulations require you to have adequate education, training, and experience to do your job effectively.  When you were hired, you probably had most of the qualifications you needed to work in a GMP environment, and orientation probably helped fill in any gaps in your understanding of GMP regulations, as well as in your technical skills to do your job.  But you didn't really get on the path to Performance Mastery until you started your job, and got some on the job training. 

Following procedures is a critical part of GMP compliance and of ensuring the quality of products.  But most people need help as they learn and apply procedures that are new to them.  The on the job training that helps new employees implement procedures correctly is the beginning of Performance Mastery.  Performance Mastery requires you to take your habits and knowledge, and work creatively in a way that contributes to the goals of your organization. 

The Mastery Institute is uniquely qualified to work with you as you strive to integrate your habits, preferences, and knowledge into masterful performance.  We can help you achieve Performance Mastery by helping you Make "It" Happen in your real world!


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