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Customized In-House Make "It" Happen  Mastery™ Coaching Workshops




GMP Mastery™
Coaching Workshops

Consistently Do the Right Things, Right Everyday

The GMP Mastery Coaching Workshops coach you on the path to Mastery by helping you Make GMP a Lifestyle and Not Just a Regulation.  Each one explores an aspect of one of the 10 Commitments of Mastery, and how you can customize it to your unique strengths, strategy, stories and culture.   Participants will create a practice map to help them define and develop critical thinking and practice points to help integrate the knowledge into their everyday jobs. 

GMP Mastery™ Coaching Workshops

Use these workshops to help you know, think, and practice GMP Mastery™ within your organization's unique strengths, strategy, and culture.

  1. We Must be Curious and Creative!
  2. We Must be Complete and Collaborative!
  3. We Must be Courageous and Contagious!
  4. We Must Be Careful and Compliant!
  5. We Must be Cost-Effective and Competitive!
  6. We Must Credibly Connect With and Consistently Delight Customers!
  7. We Must Clearly Define and Culturally Communicate Expectations!
  8. We Must Conscientiously Cultivate and Consciously Develop Competence and Commitment!
  9. We Must Confidently Coordinate and Critically Control Performance!
  10. We Must Continuously Improve and Collectively Celebrate Performance!

Customized GMP Mastery™ Coaching  Workshops

The Books

GMP Mastery™ Coaching Workshops use the DK Essential Manager series.  Each of the following books is a compilation of many smaller booklets on topics covered by our coaching workshops.  Click on the images of the books below to learn more or purchase them.

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For more information, or to schedule one of these workshops, contact the Mastery Institute at 859-727-CGMP (2467).




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