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The 10 Commitments of GMP Mastery

The 10 Commitments of Mastery provide focus and direction for GMP Masters as they journey to managing performance and leading change.  GMP Masters who integrate and balance these commitments as part of their daily work can effectively and strategically master performance excellence and realize exceptional and sustainable results.

The Five "Must Be" Common Sense Commitments of Mastery - (Train Your Organization To Do The Right Things = Realize Results)

  1. We must be Curious and Creative
  2. We must be Complete and Collaborative!
  3. We must be Courageous and Contagious! 
  4. We must be Careful and Compliant!
  5. We must be Constructive and Cost-Effective!

The Five "Must Do" Common Sense Commitments of Mastery - (Train Your Organization To Do Things Right = Master Performance)

  1. We must Credibly Connect With and Consistently Delight Customers!
  2. We must Clearly Define and Culturally Communicate Expectations!
  3. We must  Conscientiously Cultivate and Consciously Develop our Competence  and Commitment!
  4. We must Confidently Coordinate and Critically Control  our Performance!
  5. We must Continuously Improve and Collectively Celebrate Our Performance!


To learn more about these Commitments, consider attending a GMP Mastery™ Coaching Workshop  Each commitment is explored in depth in the workshops.

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