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Do you spend most of your time proactively fulfilling your vision, or reacting to crises?  While most people want to proactively plan for the future, choices sometimes dictate that many actually spend the majority of their time fighting fires instead.  The GMP Mastery Mentoring Process helps you proactively manage your projects and processes by leveraging GMP as a tool for business improvement.  GMP Mastery requires you to critically and creatively think about your challenges and how to shape and share your story.  The GMP Mastery Mentoring Process will help get you out of firefighting mode, so that you can fulfill your true role by strategically and effectively making GMP Mastery™ a lifestyle.

The GMP Mastery Mentoring Process is for you if:

  • you believe that GMP can be effectively used to drive excellent performance

  • you are part of a good organization that could become better

  • you would like to creatively provide better products and services for your customers

  • you are committed to your own personal and professional development

  • you would like to spend more time ensuring your future success and less time firefighting

  • you would like to save time and money by not having to rework things that have already been done once

  • you would like to worry less about the future, and sleep better at night

  • you want to create a better tomorrow!

With the GMP Mastery Mentoring Process, we recognize that there are no quick fixes or secret strategies for success.  There are, however, basic leadership and management principles which GMP Masters continually strive to develop and improve.  On the journey to GMP Mastery, you will learn to strategically and effectively use Profound Knowledge and the 10 Commitments of Mastery to guide you as you:

  • Do Things Right - Master day-to-day Performance Excellence
  • Do the Right Things - Realize Exceptional and Sustainable Results
  • Ask the Right Questions – How can we “Do Better”, “Be Better” and "Be Different"?
  • Think Positively, Critically, and Creatively
  • Target Possibilities to Learn, Improve, and Innovate
  • Shape and Share Your Story


The GMP Mastery Mentoring Process helps you assess where your real world challenges lie and how to address them so you can manage your current responsibilities better.  The GMP Mastery Mentoring Process helps you achieve: 

  • Completely Delighted Customers / More Sales / Better Service / Improved Wealth / Increased Impact
  • Improved Relationships, Diversity, Inclusion and Collaboration with your Customers, Employees, Volunteers, Suppliers and Regulators
  • Disciplined Coordination and Control of Performance, Risks and Expenses in Basic Organizational Practices and Key Performance Practices
  • New Strategic Possibilities for Improving Performance and Leading Change and Innovation
  • Fewer Fires to Fight and More Sleep at Night


We utilize an integrated approach of classroom learning, coaching, personal development, organizational alignment and certification to help you and your organization perform better by mastering core operational practices and performance. You will benefit both from individualized coaching and from a group experience which allows for networking, smart connecting, and informal benchmarking.  Click here to learn more about the process.

Why wait another day? Let the Artisan Consulting Group help you get started on the GMP Mastery Mentoring Process and start addressing the real root of your problems!  Contact Nancy at or  859-727-2467 to learn more!

If you are interested in GMP Mastery Mentoring Process, but aren't quite ready to commit to it, consider  GMP Mastery™ Coaching Workshops.


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