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Mastering Relationships and Building Trust

The Second Commitment of Mastery challenges us to be considerate and collaborative.  Therefore, we know that relationships and trust are at the heart of mastery. 

All success is built upon relationships, and  Mastery helps you learn how to build trust by mastering relationships.  With an emphasis on integrity and transparency, Mastery trains, audits, coaches, and mentors you as you broaden your sphere of influence by building on great relationships!

Before we can master relationships, we must first define the core Mastery relationships that impact success.  Different types of relationships include:

  • relationships between people
    relationships with your boss, coworkers, customers, family, neighbors, etc.  People who don't trust you won't buy from you or become part of your organization. 

  • relationships between organizations
    relationship between your organization and the organization whose products/services you sell.  You must truly believe in the organization and use its products.  And your organization must develop a level of trust that puts you in a favorable light in that organization's eyes.

  • relationships between different types of mastery
    relationships between personal, professional, and performance mastery.   Are you self-directed and motivated in your desire to improve your self, you knowledge, and your results?  What do you have to know/do/be in order to be successful?

  • relationships between projects and processes
    relationships between all the different types of work we do.

  • relationships between goals and priorities
    In a balanced scorecard approach, goals are prioritized and balanced so that one goal doesn't inappropriately overshadow another.  We must all balance the goals of quality, productivity, health/safety/security, and regulatory compliance.

  • relationships between people and all the things mentioned above
    We interact with people, organizations, mastery, work, and goals/priorities.  If you get these relationships right, you will be successful!

Mastering relationships helps you build trust, which is a rare and valuable commodity - much like a precious china vase.  It is extremely difficult to restore once it it has been broken. Trust is also a competitive business advantage, because it is rare - especially in the direct selling arena.  By mastering your relationships, you will stand out in the crowd!



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